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The Past...

Post  The Unspeakable One on Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:59 pm

The Prysmian Sector was discovered in 1982 BBY. Prysmians are its native humanoid race, a docile,unadvanced farming society. In 1812 BBY a group of Kuat explorers discovered a hyperspace lane that lead directly to Prysmia. In 1798 BBY Kuat began terraforming, raising up mountains, growing rainforests and building cities. Many of the natives were captured and made into labor and household slaves, cocottes and hetaeres. Along with their machines and populations, they installed their aristocratic government. In 1510 BBY, a young man by the name of Zane Bellacour started an uprising and overthrew the suppressive aristocratic government, naming himself the first Tsar of Prysmia. The aristocratic families remained and were given seats on a council but The Tsar gave the final word. Up till 995 BBY, there have been 19 Tsars with Blane Tyrell as the 20. In 1256 BBY Tsar Vance Bellacour died with no heir leaving the planet in confusion. The original Prysmians, who lived outside the cities, joined together and tried to take back what they lost centuries ago. Amid ruins and bodies the House of Tyrell rose to power and took the throne. The Scar was formed, leaving behind a reminder of this dark time.

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