The Prysmian Sector

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The Prysmian Sector

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The sector is made up of 5 planets. Prysmia, Taset, Vuvih, Osunt, and Isos with Taset and Vuvih having 2 moons each. The rest one. Prsymia, Taset and Vuvih are the habitable planets with Osunt and Isos being a rock, terrain but rich in ores and gems. Basic is the language most spoken with humans having the biggest population. Prysmia is home of the most thriving and capital city, Tir Nan Og. The terrain is mostly plains with a few mountains and pockets of woods. Last census put Prysmia at a population of around 4 billion. Tir Nan Og is a prosperous city and also houses the government of the sector. Just outside the city, in nearby mountains, you can find Aislinn's Tears. Two waterfalls flow from two openings in the side of the mountain. The waterfalls never dry up and the lagoon in the cave never does either and the source of the water has not been found. The most common myth is that Aislinn threw herself off the mountain in grief when her lover was wrongfully accused and executed for a murder. Other myths say the waters heal wounds. It is also said that somewhere in Prysmia, Xim the Despots treasure is hidden but it has not been discovered.
Other points of interest:
One of the wonders of the galaxy is the transit system that connects all the planets. The Prysmian Transit Authority is a turborail that travels to all major cities on each planet nonstop.
On Taset it is said that the lab of Belia Darzu is located but it has yet to be found.
Scattered on Vuvih are lost sith temples though at the moment they remain lost.
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