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Post  The Unspeakable One on Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:47 pm

The present Tsar is Blane Tyrell, having ruled for 11 years. His council is made up of Garrott Rain, Nakia Irion, Vypren Baenre, Kara Ciande. These four handle duties for the Tsar and offer opinions but in the end, the Tsar has the final say. The major families are Ciande, Rain, House Baenre, Tyrells and Vescque. Tsar Blane's reign has been relatively peaceful tho without some costs. The populace has less fear now due to no wars and a downturn in violence, but the Tsar does not gain their favor. His strict regulations and taxes have tied the hands of many businesses. The fact that he does not seek his people's favor makes things worse. He makes what cold, calculated decisions he must to have peace whether it gains him approval or not. Recently, he has denied the terraforming of the mineral planet Osunt. Terraforming Osunt would bring lots of wealth and prosperity but countless times Tsar Blane has denied this proposal for his own reasonings. This has caused an outrage. Many people have rioted and shown their displeasure in this. Many big companies would stand to make a lot of money if the proposal was accepted. Some do not have reservations when it comes to doing what must be done.....

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