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Things to Know

Post  The Unspeakable One on Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:55 pm

For the sake of me, partys will all work together for a certain time. After a certain point, you can all divide but I would like it if you at least stayed in some kind of a group whether it be all together or small multiple groups.
Signing up for live games is a first come first serve basis.
Players who do not participate in live games can only perform 2 quests on the site in between live games. Players who do participate in live games can also only perform 2 quests on the site but they get the added benefit of extra experience through the live games.
Except for the custom rules I established in another thread, all the rules are by the book.
Force Sensitivity feat is not available to be picked until a certain time. To be a Jedi, you must go by the class restrictions and guidelines. To begin with Jedis are not selectable.
The Tales of Prysmia thread is where your personal campaigns will begin.
The Prysmian Times will summarize what happened in live games and also any important news going on in the worlds.
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