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Post  The Unspeakable One on Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:15 pm

Welcome. Thank you for joining. My purpose for this site is to mainly hold info. Your character, recent events in the world, things as such. There will be some questing on this site but I would like to focus more on the live games.On here you can upgrade gear, build reputation, take part in events, meet locals, start a business, and within reason do whatever your heart desires. My intentions are to provide on this site a persistent world for you. All your decisions will create a ripple or wave in the world. It could have immediate results or not. Good or bad consequences. Also, NPC's will be making decisions of their own which will have their own effects on the world. Whether it be a choice that leads to dire consequences or a sale on fashionable clothes, I want to provide a living breathing world that changes and evolves through time just as i hope your characters will. All this will take time and patience so please bear with me. Hope you enjoy.

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